Creating your first widget

Via the widget converter

From any Elementor editing page you can convert a widget, column or section and its contents into a custom widget.

This is useful when designing pages and realising something could be reused elsewhere. To convert an element into a widget right click the element either on the preview screen or on the navigator and press “Convert to Custom Widget”.

To finis your widget enter a title, select an icon and choose a category and click convert.


Leaving the checkbox “Replace this element with the converted widget after completion.” checked will replace the element you are converting with the newly created widget upon completion. Uncheck this if you do want that to happen.

Your widget does not have any controls yet. Feel free to skip to the widget controls section if you don’t to go through the detailed process.

Creating a widget from scratch

In your admin panel navigate you can find “Custom Widgets” under the “Templates” menu.

Click Add New to bring up the following window:

Add new Custom Widget Prompt
  1. Leave the first field Custom Widget as is since we are creating a custom widget.
  2. Select which category your widget will be displayed under on the Elementor Editor elements panel.
  3. Lastly enter a title for your widget.

After pressing Create Templates you will be redirected to the Elementor Editor. Most of the interface will be familiar to us with a few additions.

Next we’ll take a look at our widget template.

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